Herewith a short manual for our Website – Shop

*Click on “add to cart” or “order”.
*On the top right, underneath the cart image, you can see what amount of products you already ordered.

If you have finished your shopping, you click on the cart image:

Step 1:
*You see a survey of your order.
*You might change the amount of products by changing the number in the box, or cancel the product by clicking the word “delete”.
*You might continue to shop, or you can go to step 2 to continue to finish your order.

Step 2:
*We ask you kindly to fill in all the necessary information, name, address in that way that we can send the order to the correct address.
*At the bottom you have the opportunity to leave a message.
*Go on to step 3

Step 3:
*Here you will find the total amount for the order shipping costs included.
*Before you can send your order, you have tochoose the way of payment. Payment has to be done by PayPal or on our Dutch bank account. You find the payment details on your invoice. Go now to step 4. 

Step 4:
*Here the complete order will be shown.
*If you agree, you click on “order” (right below) and this will be sent to our company.
*Short after this, you will receive a mail with the confirmation and invoice.

If you have questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:



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