The thin A4 Flower foam sheets can easy be formed, you can cut the foam with dies or scissors. 
With help of the Lea’bilitie® flower dies, you create beautiful flowers. You can also colour this foam with stamp ink. The leaves and petals can be shaped using a embossing tool, or your fingers. By heating the foam using an iron, the leaves shape easily. 
You can glue flower foam with a glue gun. After finishing flowers and leaves you can use 3D kit or the Aleene's super thick tacky glue to stick them to a card. 
034=2018=3-`Orchis-stamp-frame.jpgMulti Die & Stamp OrchidgNaar product025=2018=3-poinsettia-rood.jpgMulti Die & Stamp PoinsettiagNaar product010=2018=3-Carnation-stamp.jpgMulti die Carnation & StampgNaar product012=2018-2-poppy.jpgPoppy Multi die & ClearstampgNaar product013=2018-2-lace-stamps.jpgFoam flowers & lace clearstampsgNaar product015=2018-2-silh-&-goood-luck.jpgDress & Suit with small foam flowersgNaar product022=2018-2-poppy-J.jpgPoppy Multi die & ClearstampgNaar product033=2018-2-papaver-L.jpgPoppy Multi die & ClearstampgNaar product037=2018-2-poppy-blauw-Jt.jpgPoppy Multi die & ClearstampgNaar product041=2018-2-orchid.jpgOrchid Multi die & ClearstampgNaar product043=2018-2-Poppy-In-!.jpgPoppy Multi die & ClearstampgNaar product016=2018-2-window-&-celebration.jpgSpecial occasiongNaar product060=2018=1-bloem-577-L.jpgBlossom using set 2 blue violetgNaar product030=2018=1-bloesem-geel-YTblad.jpgBlossom using set 4 yellowgNaar product017=2018=1-set-geel-kleur.jpgFoam flowers with set 4 yellowgNaar product005A=2018=1-foam-easy-&-0577.jpgFoam flowersgNaar product015=2018=1-set-rood-kleur.jpgFlower Foam set 5 flowersgNaar product002=2018=1-flower-foam-label-film.jpgLabel with foam flowersgNaar product000-pastel-flowers.jpgFlower Foam set 1gNaar product000-blue-flowers.jpgFlower Foam set 2gNaar product000-salmon-flowers.jpgFlower Foam set 3gNaar product000-yellow-flowers.jpgFlower Foam set 4gNaar product000-red-flowers.jpgFlower Foam set 5gNaar product000-white-flowers.jpgFlower Foam set 6gNaar product


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